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Introduction To Dynamics AX

When you are first introduced to Dynamics AX, it may seem a little overwhelming because there is so much that it is able to do. It may seem like you've been dropped in a completely foreign land, unable to speak the language, and not knowing which direction to start walking in.

It may be even worse if you are in the middle of a software selection where you are looking at a number of different options (including Dynamics AX) because you need to understand what the differences are, and also remember which feature applies to which application. In that case, you are in multiple foreign lands, and no-one is speaking the same language.

You may have picked up a book or two on Dynamics AX to start your self-guided learning, but even then it may be too much because they usually assume that you have had some familiarity with the system, and you still don't have a basic foundation knowledge. Rather than wanting to read Lord of the Rings, you are at more of a See Spot Run level when it comes to Dynamics AX.

This is what this book is designed to achieve, and is aimed to give you a high level introduction to Dynamics AX. It is split into two parts as well, the first is an general overview of the system, showing you all of the usability features, and the second part is a functional overview that highlights all of the functional features within Dynamics AX.

In essence it teaches you the language of this new land, and also gives you a map of the land so that you can then start heading in the direction that is important to you.


Chapters that are included in this book include:

  • The Dynamics AX Clients
  • Introduction To Portals
  • Introduction To Role Centers
  • The Role Center Parts
  • Navigation Menus
  • Navigating Forms
  • Personalizing Dynamics AX
  • Self Service Reporting and Analysis
  • Using Office With Dynamics AX
  • The Lifecycle Management Tools


Hopefully this will help you quickly get comfortable with Dynamics AX and get you on the right track.


DISCLAIMER: If you know what an Action Pane is, or know what is contained within Fast Tabs, then this book is not for you.  You are already too advanced with Dynamics AX.  If you have never seen Dynamics AX before then this book may be what you are looking for.

Introduction To Dynamics AX (Part II)

Dynamics AX is such a full featured product, it is hard to illustrate all of the things that it is capable of tracking and managing without creating a textbook style book.  Even then, it is hard to piece everything together with all of the detail that is provided, and even then, you probably are not interested in most of the detail.

A better starting point for you as you are discovering an exploring Dynamics AX is to get a more holistic view of the application showing all of the different general features that are available.  Knowing that something is possible within Dynamics AX is 90% the battle, learning how it does it is a relatively simple after that.


Chapters that are included in this book include:

  • Product Management
  • Order To Cash
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operations
  • Planning & Forecasting
  • Procure To Pay
  • Project Management
  • Service Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resources

This companion for Dynamics AX is designed to do just that.  It is a high level reference that you can use to see what you can do if you want to leverage the many features within the system.


DISCLAIMER: If you know what an Action Pane is, or know what is contained within Fast Tabs, then this book is not for you.  You are already too advanced with Dynamics AX.  If you have never seen Dynamics AX before then this book may be what you are looking for.

An Introduction To Self Service Portals
The self service portals within Dynamics AX are great features to take advantage of in order to help you collaborate more with your Vendors, and also to allow Customers to take care of a lot of the administrative queries that they would usually have your customer service group answer.  They are made even more appealing because of two other features.  The first is that there are no additional licenses required in order to give the customers and vendors access to the portals because they are free, and also because the self service portals are included within the base software install kit for Dynamics AX, and all you need to do to get them up and running is to install them.

In this guide we will show you some of the key features of the Vendor Self Service Portal and the Customer Self Service Portal, including how the customers and vendors are able to access their own information through a web based interface, and how they can perform transactions within the portals that are immediately accessible to the users within the Dynamics AX client, and also some of the collaboration features that you can take advantage of within the portals.


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