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Configuring Service Management Within Dynamics AX 2012

The Service Management area within Dynamics AX allows you to track all of your service order contracts and service orders for your customers, will track all of your time and expenses against the service orders, and will also pass along any chargeable items to the receivables department for automatic invoicing to the customer.

Service Management has additional functions as well that allow you to track the items that are being serviced, define the tasks that are allowed to be performed against a service order, and also track the symptoms, diagnosis, and resolution to service order issues, making it a great tracking and analysis tool.

In this book we will show how you can create service agreements and orders, and then how you can use the additional tracking features within Service Management to get a tighter handle on your service orders.

Configuring Service Management

Before we start creating Service Orders and Service Agreements, there is a little bit of setup that we need to do within Dynamics AX in order to make sure that everything will post correctly, and so that you don’t get any complaints from the system.

Because Service Management relies on Project Accounting quite a bit for the management of costs and transactions, we will be skipping around the system a little as we do this, but don’t worry, it’s really not as much work as it initially seems.

Chapter Topics

  • Configure Project Line Properties
  • Configure A Default Cost Template
  • Configure Period Codes
  • Configure Project Groups
  • Configuring Service Level Agreements
  • Configure Service Agreement Groups
  • Configure Service Management Journals
  • Configuring Service Order Stages
  • Configuring Service Reason Codes
  • Creating Service Tasks
  • Configuring Shared Categories
  • Configure Category Groups
  • Configuring Project Categories
  • Configure Service Management Parameters

Configuring Service Orders

Now that we have all of the codes and controls configured within Dynamics AX, we can start creating transactions, and the best place to start is with the Service Orders.

In this section we will show how the Service Orders are managed, and how you can use them by themselves to track your jobs.

Chapter Topics

  • Creating A Service Order Project
  • Creating A Service Order
  • Updating Service Order Stages
  • Printing Service Order Work Instructions
  • Posting Time To A Service Order
  • Posting Through The Service Management Portal
  • Posting Material To Service Orders
  • Signing Off and Posting Service Order Lines
  • Creating An Invoice Proposal From The Service Order
  • Creating Project Statements for Service Orders
  • Viewing Posted Transactions Against Your Projects
  • Invoicing Service Orders Time & Material
Configuring Service Agreements

You can streamline the Service Order creation process within Service Management by creating Service Agreements.  These are templates that are associated with customers that also allow you to automatically create Service Orders based on the agreement that you have with the customer.

Chapter Topics

  • Creating a Service Agreement
  • Assigning Valid Service Tasks to Agreements
  • Creating a Service Order From A Service Agreement
  • Creating Periodic Service Intervals
  • Configuring Periodic Service Orders
  • Creating Periodic Service Orders
Configuring Service Objects

If you want to track the products that you are performing Service Orders upon, then you will want to define Service Objects within the Service Management module.  You will then be able to associate them with Service Orders and Agreements.

Chapter Topics

  • Creating Service Object Groups
  • Creating Service Objects
  • Assigning Service Objects to Service Agreements

Configuring Repair Management

The Service Management area also allows you to track repairs that have been performed as part of the Service Order process.  Through this feature, you can track all of the symptoms reported by the customer, the diagnostics performed by the technician, and also the repair operations that are performed in order to fix the problems.

Chapter Topics

  • Defining Repair Conditions
  • Defining Repair Symptoms & Codes
  • Defining Repair Diagnosis Areas
  • Defining Repair Resolutions
  • Defining Repair Stages
  • Recording Repair Operations

Configuring Dispatch Teams

If you want to further organize your Service Management, then you can group your Service Technicians into Dispatch Teams, and then schedule them through the dispatching workbench.  The bonus is that it doesn’t take much work to get this configured either.

Chapter Topics

  • Configuring Dispatch Teams
  • Assigning Workers To Dispatch Teams
  • Viewing Service Orders In The Dispatch Board

Configuring Service Subscriptions

The final area of the Service Management module that we will look at is the Service Subscriptions feature.  This allows you to automatically create periodic subscription fees for Customers that then move through to be invoiced just like the Service Order transactions.  The major difference is that there are no Service Orders generated for these fees.

Chapter Topics

  • Configuring Subscription Groups
  • Creating Service Subscriptions
  • Generating Subscription Fees
  • Creating Fee Transaction In Mass
  • Viewing Fee Transactions
  • Creating Invoice Proposals For Subscription Fees

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