Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Configuring Cash And Bank Management Within Dynamics AX 2012
Although the Cash And Bank Management module is not the most glamorous of the different areas within Dynamics AX, but it is important if you want to manage all of your bank accounts and make sure that you can easily reconcile your bank accounts.  With additional features though like the ability to configure Positive Pay, this module isn’t as mild mannered as you would think.

In this guide we will show how to configure your Cash And Bank Management module so that you can start tracking cash and bank transactions within Dynamics AX.

Configuring Bank Management Controls

Before we can start setting up our Banks Accounts, there is a little bit of setup that we need to do in order to set up all of the codes and controls.  We need to configure our bank transaction types that we will want to use, create a few reason codes and also check out parameters and posting profiles.

In this chapter we will step you through the initial configuration of the Cash and Bank Management so that everything is ready for you.

Topics Covered

  • Configuring The Bank Transaction Types
  • Configuring Bank Transaction Groups
  • Configuring Bank Reason Codes
  • Configuring Bank Document Posting Profiles
  • Configuring Cash & Bank Management Parameters
Configuring Bank Accounts

The first area that we will look at within the Cash Management module is the configuration of your Bank Accounts so that you can start using them within your organization and later on link them to your receivables and payables functions.


Topics Covered:

  • Configuring Bank Groups
  • Configuring Bank Accounts
  • Configuring Check Printing Formats
  • Adding Signatures To Checks
  • Assigning the Bank to The Organization
  • Reconciling Bank Accounts
  • Viewing Bank Account Statistics
Configuring Advanced Bank Reconciliation

The Advanced Bank Reconciliation feature within Dynamics AX is a great function to enable because it automates so much of the bank statement administration and also gives to better bank reconciliation matching functions that will save you hours of manual work.  The first feature that you will want to look into though is the ability to import all of your bank statements directly from the bank file.

This may seem like a daunting task because it seems as though there is a lot of technical configuration to perform in order to get the system to read the file, but it’s not really the case.  In this walkthrough we will show you how you can easily configure the Advanced Bank Reconciliation statement import feature.

That will give you more time to spend with your money.

Topics Covered:

  • Configuring A Reconciliation Approval Workflow
  • Getting The Transformation Style Sheet Resources
  • Creating The Transformation Rules
  • Configuring The AIF Port To Process The Inbound Files
  • Configuring The Bank Statement Format
  • Enabling Advanced Bank Reconciliation On The Bank
  • Checking The Bank Reconciliation Number Sequences
  • Importing In A Bank Statement File
  • Deleting Bank Statements
  • Validating A Bank Statement
  • Posting A Bank Statement
  • Configuring Bank Code Transaction Mappings
  • Using The Advanced Bank Reconciliation Worksheet
  • Submitting Reconciled Statements for Approval
  • Printing A Reconciliation Statement
  • Marking a Statement as Reconciled
  • Posting A Reconciled Bank Statement
  • Configuring Reconciliation Matching Rules
  • Configuring Automatic Matching Rule Sets
  • Performing Automatic Matching
Configuring Positive Pay

One other feature that you might want to configure within the Cash and Bank Management area is the Positive Pay feature.  This will create the Positive Pay file for you that you can then send to the bank listing out all of the transactions that you have posted within Dynamics AX that are approved to be processed by the bank.  The good thing is that this is just a simple configuration step.

Topics Covered:

  • Configuring The Positive Pay Outbound Port
  • Tweaking the Positive Pay Outbound Port
  • Creating The Positive Pay File

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