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Configuring Accounts Receivable Within Dynamics AX 2012

The Accounts Receivable area is one of the three foundation financial modules within Dynamics AX that you will want to set up.  It not only allows you to manage all of your customer information, post your invoices, and receive in your cash payments, but also allows you to manage your collections, track deductions, and much more.

It’s not hard to configure either and this book is designed to give you step by step instructions to show you how to configure the receivables area, and also how some of the basic transactions work to get you up and running and working with your customers.


Before we start adding customers and creating invoices within the Accounts Receivable module of Dynamics AX, there are a couple of codes and controls that need to be configured so that everything else later on in the book will run smoothly.  In this section we will walk through everything that you need to set up to get the basic Accounts Receivable features working.


Once you have all the base configuration done within the Accounts Receivable area, you can start getting to the meat and potatoes of the module, which is the configuration of the Customer Accounts.  This may seem like a daunting task if you have a large customer base, but if you use the import tools, and features like the Excel Add-In for tidying up your data, then this isn’t very hard, and regardless of if you have 100, or 10,000 customers can be a breeze to load.


Now that we have the customers configured we can start getting down to business and doing some invoicing.  There are a number of different invoicing options within Dynamics AX and in this section we will walk through the main ones.


Once you have your invoicing configured you will probably want to set up the Collections Management portion of the Accounts Receivable area.  This will allow you to track your customer aging's, pools for segregating customers, collection letters and much more.


Hopefully you won’t have to use the Collections Workbench very much and your customers will just pay their invoices on time, or before they are due.  So the next area that we are going to look at is the Cash Receipts functions within Dynamics AX and show you how to record customer payments.

Configuring Deduction Management
Unfortunately customers don’t always pay the amount that you ask them to, and tracking the discrepancies can be a chore in itself, because you may have given an incentive to the customer that they are taking as a valid deduction, the customer may be penalizing you for one reason or another, or they may just be wrong.  You don’t want to have the invoices sitting out there waiting to be investigated and cluttering up the aging's though, which is where the Deduction Management feature comes into play.  This allows you to record deductions as you are receiving cash and close out the invoices.  Then the deductions are set them aside for someone to investigate them and decide if they are valid or not. 

In this section we will show how to set up and use the Deduction Management features, including:

  • Configuring Deduction Journal Types
  • Configuring Trade Allowance Management Parameters For Deductions
  • Configuring Deduction Types
  • Configuring Deduction Denial Reasons
  • Configuring Deduction Write Off Codes
  • Entering Customer Payments With Deductions
  • Viewing Deductions Through The Deductions Workbench
  • Splitting Deductions
  • Writing Off Deductions
  • Denying Deductions
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